June Reservation

  • IMP: The blank cell indicates the availability of the accommodation and cells with numbers indicate that they are reserved. The numbers shown in the cell are the Yatri ID Numbers allotted to a particular yatri who has made the reservation.
  • After zeroing on the dates available in the first file i.e. Status of Yatri Niwas Accommodation, yatri has to get these dates confirmed from Publicity Secretary of the Prabandhak Committee, namely Mr. Ravinder Kumar Jogi by calling on his Mobile Number: +91-9419121998 between 1 PM TO 2 PM during the day and from 09.00 PM to 10.00 PM in the evening

The Yatri Niwas Reservation Form has been devised in such a way that the same is linked to our Reservation Process. So, all the Yatries are requested to fill all the information sought in the reservation form correctly and also go through the undertaking given in that form. The reservation will be confirmed only when the Security Deposit amount of Rs. 1000/- is deposited in the Bank Account of the Prabandhak Committee, viz. State Bank Of India Account Number 10491862141 IFSC Code SBIN 0000722 CIF NO: 80385485835 MICR CODE: 190002099. . Here Yatri must ensure that in case he is transferring the Security Deposit amount via Internet Banking Facility or RTGS or through NEFT, then only Rs. 1000/- is to be transferred. In case the deposit is made by Cheque or by Cash deposit in the Bank, then the Security Deposit amount of Rs. 1060/- is to be deposited. The extra amount of Rs. 60/- are on account of Bank Charges. The transaction number, in case by Internet Banking Deposit, is to be filled in the form in the appropriate box provided for the same.

IMP: It may be noted here that the Security Deposit Amount once deposited is neither refundable nor transferable in any case. However, in case of cancellation of the reservation by the Yatri and communicated to the Publicity Secretary before ten (10) days prior to the date of actual reservation/arrival, the Yatri has a option to avail the security deposit for rescheduled reservation, up to end of December of that Year, after which the amount will be taken as online deposit of donation. The rescheduling of the reservation can however be made only once during a particular year up to December of that year.

After filling in all the details, the filled form along with the print out of the Deposit Transaction (in case of Internet Banking) or acknowledgement receipt (in case of Cash/Cheque deposit) is to be mailed as an attachment on the mail address of the Prabandhak Committee viz. zdpcsrinagar@yahoo.com.

Since the updating of reservation status depends upon the Internet connection & load on server, as such sometimes the updation process takes more than two to three days, as such, Yatries are requested to check their reservation status after two days and in case of any discrepancy viz. in the name of yatri or of the dates of reservation, same may be communicated through mail as well as by giving a call to our Publicity Secretary. If no communication is made, it will be deemed that the particulars updated on the website are correct.