Activities And Facilities

Accommodation for yatries coming to Kashmir for yatra purposes is available within the shrine complex, ideally located in a serene and calm atmosphere with lush green surroundings of Pine & Chinar Trees suitable for meditation.


Family Accommodation:

• Independent Yatri Niwas accommodation for a family of four (4) yatries, having attached Kitchen and Wash Room. Yatri Niwas are fully furnished with facilities having cupboard, Almirah, Bedding, Hot water and Kitchen utensils with Gas.

Dormitory accommodation for Yatra purposes:

• Large Dormitory accommodation available for yatras like Mata KheerBhawani Yatra, Shri Amarnath ji Yatra, Gangabal Yatra, Mata Badrakali Yatra and other yatras as well. At least 400 yatries can be accommodated at a time.

Meditation Huts:

• Meditation Pre Fabricated Huts with attached Kitchen and Wash Room for saints and saintly yatries.

Religious Ceremonies:

Big Hawan Shalla with Langer/Store Room is available for performance of religious ceremonies like Hawans, Yegneopavit, Mundan, Zarkasai, Kahnether, etc. Adequate infrastructure like utencils, Cooking Ranges, etc is available throughout the year.


• In-house Provisional Store for day to day needs and essentials.

• Pooja Samagri Counter 24x7

• Community LED TV for News/Bhajans

• Surveillance under CCTV

• STD Phone facility/Wi-Fi network on demand


• On the occasion of Birthday of MATA ZEASHTA, which falls on Zyesht Krishnapaksh Panchami every year, annual Mahayagya is solemnized with great devotion and reverence. On this occasion free boarding and lodging for all the yatries are made for three days.

• Seven Thursdays falling in the month of Zyesht and Ashad are celebrated every year by the name of ZETH-BRASVAR and Prbandhak Committee serves Taher (yellow Rice), Kehwa Tea & Kulcha’s to all the yatries and devotees.

• Sri Shankara Jayanti Puja is performed every year on Baisakh Shukla Panchami in the temple premises. On this occasion hundreds of yatries, saints, learned scholars and vadic pundits of Kanchi Muth perform puja archana for seven to eight days which culminates with the Mahaabishekham of Lord Shiva. The event is performed every year in collaboration with the His Holiness Shankaracharya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, Tamil Nadu.

• On the occasion of Zesht Ashtami , every year Zeashta Devi Prabandhak Committee serve Kehwa Tea, Kheer & Shakar-Paar to all the yatries attending the Zesht Ashtami Yatra at Mata Kheer Bhawani Asthapan, Tulamulla. Then on Zesht Navmi,every year, arrangement for serving of Breakfast to all the yatries going back to Jammu from Srinagar is made at Zeashta Devi Temple by Prabandhak Committee.

• Chaitra Navdurga and Ashad Navdurga Pooja’s are celebrated every year in the Shrine Complex. These are attended by thousands of Devotees from all over India and outside as well.

• All other religious events/functions like Maha Shiv Ratri, Deepavali, Pann-Pooza, Dusherra, Vinayak Chaturthi etc. are celebrated every year in the temple complex.

• In keeping with its social obligation, Zeashta Devi Prabandhak Committee extends financial help every year to all such deserving cases, needy persons, destitute and patients suffering from life threatening diseases.

• A community Magazine by the name of “ZEASHTA SANDESH” is published every six month, wherein poems, Bhajans, articles, write-ups relating to our culture, religion, practices, parampara’s by renowned writers of our community are published.

Besides above, the temple is thronged by devotees from within and outside the country throughout the year.

Future Plans

• To construct a Professional College