Enquiry And Reservation

Only maintenance charges for stay in the Yatri Niwas are charged. The maintenance charges for stay (maximum of seven days) are as under:

•  For independent Yatri Niwas accommodation with attached Kitchen and Washroom, Maintenance charges of Rs. 700/- per family of four yatries only shall be charged for the occupation of Yatri Niwas accommodation w.e.f. 01.04.2024. In case the number of yatries residing in one Yatri Niwas room exceeds four persons, then additional Rs. 100/- shall be charged for each additional person. The Yatries are allowed to Check into the Yatri Niwas Rooms after 02.00 PM on the day of Booking and have to Check Out by the Morning of 10.00 AM of the following day up to which the reservation has been made.

•  For dormitory I and II and 112 and hall near Langar/Store Room, maintenance charges of only Rs. 100/- per person per day are charged. In case of booking of full dormitory, I and II having capacity of accommodating 30 to 40 persons, for any religious function viz. Hawan, Yegneopavit etc. Maintenance charges of Rs. 3000/- per day are charged and for Dormitory 112 having capacity of accommodation 25 to 30 persons, Maintenance charges of Rs. 2500/- per day shall be charged. For small Hall near Langar/Store Maintenance Charges of Rs. 1500/- shall be charged for full booking. For usage of Langer and Store Room, Maintenance charges of Rs. 1500/- shall be charged which excludes the charges for Gas Cylinders.

Note: Booking of full dormitory/Hall is allowed only for performance of any religious function. Booking of dormitory/Hall is not allowed during annual Mahayagya of Mata Zeashta, Zeasht Ashtami Yatra and Haar Ashtami yatra

•  This being a religious place as such booking of Yatri Niwas accommodation of whatever nature is strictly allowed to only Yatries coming to Kashmir for Yatra purposes. Booking of Yatri Niwas accommodation is not allowed to tourists nor to tourist agents.


1. The accommodation available in the temple complex has been established with a purpose that every Yatri visiting Kashmir feels secure enough to have a place where he can stay in a homely atmosphere. Because of limited number of Yatri Niwas accommodation, the reservation for the same has been restricted for one week only per family. In other words, one family or the members accompanying that family can reserve a Yatri Niwas accommodation for a maximum period of seven days (07) only during a particular month and in no case the same shall be extended beyond seven days. 'NO SECOND BOOKING SHALL BE ALLOWED IN CONTINUATION OF EARLIER BOOKING BY ANY YATRI OR HIS ACCOMPANYING MEMBER.In case it is found that any member of the accompanying family has made reservation in excess of seven days in his name or in the name of another family member, the responsibility of it will be borne by the Yatri and the same shall be treated as cancelled without any prior notice/information.

NO REFUND WHATSOEVER WILL BE MADE FOR THE CANCELLED BOOKING BY THE PRABANDHAK COMMITTEE. It is clarified here that this condition of restricting the stay for seven days has been taken by the Prabandhak Committee keeping in mind that every family visiting Kashmir and intending to stay in Zeashta Darbar, is given a chance to stay there. So we, appeal to all the Yatries to adhere to this schedule and co-operate with the Prabandhak Committee in applying this restriction.

2. It is the endeavour of Prabandhak Committee to serve the Yatries and give best possible services to them. In this connection the Prabandhak Committee and its staff work day and night to keep upgrading the facilities of the Yatri Niwas. It is expected that Yatries may also co-operate with the Prabandhak Committee and its staff in maintaining the Yatri Niwas and infrastructure provided in the Yatri Niwas rooms in good conditions. The cost of any mishandling of the equipment, electric apparatuses, utensils, Beddings, Furnishings or any breakage of items provided in the Kitchen, Washrooms shall be borne by the Yatri staying on that day.

3. All the Yatries are bound to follow the rules and regulations framed by Zeashta Devi Prabandhak Committee during their stay in the Yatri Niwas Accommodation and any deviation/non-observance of the rules and regulations shall attract cancellation of his bookings besides initiation of legal action against him/them.

4. The Yatries are expected to keep their Yatri Niwas accommodation and its surroundings neat, clean and tidy. For this Dust Bins have been placed inside every accommodation and at outside vicinity as well.

5. All the Yatries are requested to abide by all the protocols of Disaster Management Act and other orders issued by the local administration from time to time.

6. All the Yatries have to produce the proof of identity as communicated by him in the reservation form at the time of check-in. The Yatries are required to fill in the fresh Reservation Form at the time of check-In and his name along with those of other members accompanying the Yatri should match with those given in the Online Reservation Form submitted at the time of Booking.


For smooth and hassle free reservation, Yatries are advised to click on the months given below, in which the reservation for accommodation is to be made.
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